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Grand Scholar Sayyed Ali El-Amine Association

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22 / 09 / 2010

Purpose: The aims of the Association within the Republic of Lebanon is to perform the following actions:

1. The auspices of the religious sciences students

2. Provide all kinds of social and humanitarian services, health and environmental organizations through the establishment of humanitarian services, health and social welfare, educational and cultural aspects and give attention to the health conditions of all people

3. To promote and to disseminate the culture of dialogue in the community through the provision of space for communication and exchange of ideas, through the administration of seminars and conferences and publication of the lectures.

4. Pay special attention to the special needs of the community especially marginalized women.

5. Planning priorities in conjunction with official and informal through memoranda of understanding designed to strengthen the rights of child and women.

6. Promote co-existence and activation of the idea of citizenship between the various social strata, political, religious and cultural seminars and through the establishment of dialogues and workshops.

7. To stimulate the cultural and social ideas, and to encourage all those who would give priority to the development of culture and to strengthen the elements of unity over the elements of disunity.

Donations to contact the following number


Thank you for your cooperation, calling for God\'s goodness and success
*Translation by : M.W

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